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Steve and Paul

When you’re looking for a white label partner, what you’re really looking for is a team you can rely on to do the hard-work for you.

Meet Steve Pailing

With a long background honing his skills in the design and print industry, creating everything from logos to brochures, Steve knows just how much work goes into building a business.

25 years might seem like a long time to be doing this stuff, but this is the kind of commitment and experience successful businesses are made with. He knows what makes a business work because he’s been running one for more than 12 years.

Steve has also been working with Paul Green on all of his brands since 2009, when you get something sent from Paul – Steve has designed it!

So, why is Steve giving himself more work to do with MSP SEO Services? Because he can. His passion for building successful businesses keeps him moving forward. When other people are dreaming of a holiday, he’s dreaming up new ideas.

And if you’re thinking, “Actually, I’d like to have the time for a holiday”, then maybe Steve can help you find that time.

Meet Paul Charnock

When most people choose to learn a new language, they pick French or Spanish. Not Paul. He chose HTML, and for him, it was the language of love. OK, maybe not love, but it was definitely his kind of language.

From there, it was web design courses and creating websites that filled his waking hours. You know someone’s found their passion when they’re doing something for a hobby which, to other people, sounds like work. Paul’s relationship with web design blossomed into a long-term career, helping businesses to grow.

Now, along with Steve, he’s set up MSP SEO Services to provide first-class services and support to businesses like yours.

So why, after a successful career that spans 15 years, would Paul want to begin this new venture? Well, that’s the thing with techy people; they like to keep finding ways to do things better and smarter. Also, it’s a good excuse to drink more coffee.


it works

We often get asked about how and why our on-boarding process works. It’s really important that we follow this process that we have considered and simplified over a long period of time.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that we have all the tools and cornerstones in place to build a lasting and effective SEO strategy for your clients – and ultimately demonstrate major value to them so that you can build serious recurring revenue in your agency.

Every website is different and comes to us in a different condition. To make sure everything is super clear though, here’s the general workflow we go through during the 14-day onboarding process.

Register your client website
We're delighted that you think MSP SEO is a good fit for your business and your clients... We're excited to get your websites onboarded and start demonstrating value!
Audits and Testing
Before we get cracking on improving things, it's important that we record the starting point. We do this by undertaking a full SEO audit of every website and sending you the results! We also do a speed and security test too! Once this is complete, we then upgrade a few things in the back end of your website so it's ready for us to start our pathway work. Depending on the state your site arrived to us in, these base-upgrades can often have bring some quick improvements. Low-hanging fruit, if you will.
Keyword Research
Regardless of which pathway(s) you've selected, we always need to understand the keywords critical to the success of the website, and the user intent that goes with it. We carry this process out and send it through for you to review - you can then add, edit, or amend as necessary. This is the final piece we need... Now we can get going with your pathways!
Firstly, it's vitally important that every website is onboarded onto our systems so we can track everything properly and communicate with you efficiently. You'll receive instructions on this via email (or through your dashboard if you already have other websites with us).
Pathway On-boarding
Now we know the website is set up correctly, we need to gather the information we need for the pathway(s) you've selected. We'll send you a form for more information and ask you to submit it back to us.
Day 15 & onwards – Pathways
That's it we're live and proactively working on your client's website! We will guide you through the processes for each pathway you've selected and report back on what's been done. In certain circumstances, we may need additional information from you, and we'll contact you through your dashboard so we can keep track of everything.

Our 14-day onboarding process has proven successful many times, but like most good things in life, your results may vary. We politely ask that you have Google Analytics and Search Console access ready (you will need to share it with us) as well as access to the website’s backend itself.

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Pathways work


Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking for a white label partner, what you’re really looking for is a team you can rely on to do the hard-work for you.

The simple answer is “yes.”

Whilst we appreciate that some agencies have the capability in house to do a good job at on-page optimisation, others don’t and we want our service to be as inclusive as possible. 

It’s also important that we follow our own due diligence and do everything we can to make sure that you see the best results from our work, so the initial “onboarding” audit isn’t optional.

We charge £149 for the first 14-days as an onboarding fee.

We’re sure you’ll appreciate that SEO isn’t the most straightforward process – there are lots of moving parts and things we need to get ready before we can effectively start our “proper” SEO work.

Because of this, there are actually lots of things that we do during the first two weeks so that we can hit the ground running with your pathway(s) of choice. The schedule looks a little like this: 

  • On-board the new website into our systems and communication channels.
  • Run a website audit and speed and security checks, including optimizing the general SEO-setup, website images, and performance. You’ll get a PDF copy of this for your records/information.
  • On-board your website on to the pathway(s) you’ve selected – we’ll need some extra information from you at this point, so we’ll send you some comms through your dashboard.
  • Keyword research. Regardless of which pathway(s) you’ve selected, we need to understand the keywords and user intent of your target customers. We’ll bring our results to you and let you chose up to 20 to track monthly.

Once we’ve completed these processes, we’re ready to actively work on your pathways.

Do you know what the most common saying in the SEO world is?

“It depends.”

Generally speaking, any changes made to your website COULD take up to 2 weeks to have an effect on the search engines, therefore the expectation is that this process will take weeks, rather than days before movement can be seen. 

That said, there are a number of different factors that contribute to your search engine rankings. Normally significant changes can be seen within 6 to 8 weeks of being on a pathway and / or dedicated SEO work.

If you don’t choose the full package of all 3 pathways, we ask that you don’t move off a pathway for at least 3 months. 

This doesn’t mean that you’re tied into a contract. We openly offer for you to cancel your agreement at any time. We simply ask that if you want to change pathway, that you commit to it as a process and don’t ask to change again for another 3 months. 

No. We simply work on a month-in, month-out basis right from the outset.